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Temple lighted by colour ful lights on the occasation of diwali

Art and Culture of State Odisha

Odisha is a state in India. It is the easternmost state in India and one of the most culturally rich and ancient states of India. The art and culture of Odisha is unique, it is not just about performing arts but also includes other forms of art.

The State has its own culture and heritage that it is proud to showcase to the world.

Odisha is a state in the eastern coast of India and it is also known as the “Jewel of Odisha” and has many treasures for tourists to explore. Travelers can explore ancient temples, beautiful scenic views and wildlife.

Check this article to find more interesting thing about this beautiful state.


About Odisha

Odisha (formerly known as Orissa, Utkala, Kalinga, etc…) 

located in eastern coast of India, shares 450 km of coastal line with Bay of Bengal, illustrated as third largest Hindu populated state. 

Odisha has a mixture of Aryan, Dravidian, and Adivasi cultures, which makes it blend into its uniqueness.

Little do people realize that although it is mostly renowned as the home of Lord Jagannath, each of its districts also has a distinctive tradition and a rich culture with Magnificent arts. 

Beautiful beaches, gorgeous buildings, delectable food, vibrant dance styles, wonderful handicrafts, traditional art, indigenous festivals, and numerous old temples can all be found in Odisha.

I could go on forever ;). For now, let’s keep this to cultural matters. This state is full of various art and culture.

Is “rich culture” something I mentioned? Let’s take a quick look at it. (Although I won’t be able to mention everyone from each part, I’ll try to highlight some of the more significant ones.)


Lord Balabhadra, Lord Jagannath and Goddess Subhadra on the occasation of snana purnima
a sand art by Artist manas sahoo on the occasation of INS vikrant commissioned

Art and Craft

One of Odisha's oldest and most well-known art styles is pattachitra. The traditional painting known as Pattachitra is based on Hindu mythology Applique Work - Viewers can observe the creative process or browse the finished products. The applique designs have small mirrors embroidered on them by artisans to make them more eye-catching. Aren't they beautiful?

A sand structure made on a hand with a background of sea in blue colour.

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