Bhubaneswar Official


bhubaneswar mastercanteen chock a horse and his owner are standing on a attack position and a sheld is infront from of them to protect them from the front attack.
i love bhubaneswar image which ia glow light for glowing at night

The center of the unexplored Odisha is the talk of the country now, whether it is its cultural rich heritage or the booming IT sector. Bhubaneshwar is real terms is in multiverse having composites of all, from ancient history to modern history along the current millennium. 

The very first “Smart City” tag has added the so called Char-Chand to this city. The city is not less than a celebrity among cities. Thus, if we don’t explore it or don’t visit, it should be called as moral crime.

Bhubaneshwar Official” as the name suggest is the sole page that gives to the correct flavor with intrinsic details of the celebrity city. The page has everything that will make you virtually enjoy Bhubaneshwar tour and will make you excited to drop yourself to the city.

It contains 1st B.C. caves of Khandagiri, Udaygiri, to the modern IT infrastructure of the Infocity road. It has the sound of the bird chirping sound form the Chandaka forest to the traffic hustle sound of the Janpath road.

Bhubaneswar official

a stunning view of a hill from the dhauli stupa bhubaneswar
khandagiri cave made of stone and its a historic place.

It has the taste of the anciently prepared “abhada” from the Lingaraj Temple to the food court near Ram Mandir. You destination for getting knowledge about history, Geography, polity, anything about Bhubaneshwar is here.
There are many locations which are yet to be explore buy the city residents of Bhubaneswar and we have kept those secrets open for the page visitors.

The city is currently talk of the country but soon it will transform into talk of the world because of it planned way of development. Before I forget to mention, Bhubaneshwar is getting recognized as the “Sports capital” of India. This city is front runner is conducting many international events and world cups, be it Hockey World cup or FIFA U-17 Cup.

Dhauli giri is a historical place in bhubaneswar which is lighted by colorful light at nighjt.
historicl place sisupalagarh situated in bhubaneswar

So, you can imagine, our beloved city Bhubaneshwar is Now- Temple City, Smart City, Sports Capital, The cultural city and many more. Soon it will be called as the Best city. This city is scenic, lively, green and clean, with a rich cultural life. Undoubtedly that’s why the tourists are flocking in to get a taste of it.

As we talk about all the glitter in Bhubaneshwar star, as usual there is some faults in the star too, we will be make those as talking point and bring that to the improvement focus as soon as possible. The city has never bored us of anything as it keep developing and the recreating itself. 

It is one of the major transport hub of east India so connectivity is never an issue. You want International Airport, Major Railway station, Large Bus stand, intra-city connectivity, Highway passing-by, anything you wish is already present to bring you here. It’s not that easy to be in 20 Best smart city of the world, that too, Bhubaneshwar the only one from India. Let’s not wait and keep hovering around till we bring you the real flavors of Bhubaneshwar.

If it can change King Ashoka the Great, I hope it will change you too to fall in love with it- That’s Bhubaneshwar Official.