Bhubaneswar Official

Bhubaneswar Official

Bhubaneshwar Official” as the name suggest is the sole page that gives to the correct flavor with intrinsic details of the celebrity city. The page has everything that will make you virtually enjoy Bhubaneshwar tour and will make you excited to drop yourself to the city. It contains 1st B.C. caves of Khandagiri, Udaygiri, to the modern IT infrastructure of the Infocity road. It has the sound of the bird chirping sound form the Chandaka forest to the traffic hustle sound of the Janpath road. It has the taste of the anciently prepared “abhada” from the Lingaraj Temple to the food court near Ram Mandir. You destination for getting knowledge about history, Geography, polity, anything about Bhubaneshwar is here. Read more

Culture of Odisha

The culture of odisha reflected in the capital city bhubaneswar is known for their renowned mouth-watering foods and rich culture. One can see different unique styles like folk art, mural painting and traditional dances are performed by the people just as they do at home during festivals.

Why Bhubaneswar is best

Bhubaneswar is the best city in India due to its well developed infrastructure, advancement in technology, cleanliness, and many other factors which are helpful to live a healthy lifestyle.

Temple city Bhubaneswar

As the cultural ground of Orissa, Bhubaneswar is known as 'Temple City' because of its long and proud tradition in the religious field, which includes ancient temples as well as modern shrines.

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